H3C Appoints Philip Yu as General Manager and Henry Lam as Deputy General Manager of H3C Hong Kong and Macau Fortifying the Growth of Hong Kong and Macau


H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C), a leader in digital solutions, announced that it has appointed Mr. Philip Yu as the General Manager of H3C Hong Kong and Macau, while Henry Lam, as the Deputy General Manager. They are responsible for expanding H3C’s business growth in Hong Kong and Macau through overall strategic planning, business and sales development.

Philip has joined New H3C Group since 2006, spanning a variety of leading product marketing and sales roles across network security, hyper-convergence and cloud computing technology and more. He has solid experience in product management, sales and marketing, and operation management. Besides, he has forward-looking sensibility about technology and insights on the development trend of the IT industry.

Henry has extensive experience in the networking industry with more than 10 years’ management experience in the telecommunications and information technology sector. Henry joined H3C in 2007, holding important positions in sales, business development and operation management.

Hong Kong, as a hub for global corporations operating in Asia, enables H3C Hong Kong and Macau play a crucial role to transform the whole H3C to go international with enhanced connection, exchange and promotion.

Wang Jing Po, Vice President of New H3C Group said, “The Hong Kong and Macau markets create potential space for business development. I am glad that Philip and Henry are leading the Hong Kong and Macau teams to focus on increasing the value of H3C’s innovative digital solution portfolio, fully capture every opportunity brought by the two markets, and enable the digital transformation journey for enterprises to achieve a fruitful success. By sharing more success case studies of our customers, H3C enables more customers to enjoy H3C’s advanced digital solutions and high-performance products, thereby creating more positive impacts to their businesses.”

Philip shared, “I am honored to take up this role to lead the team to help our customers in the digital transformation tide by using H3C’s top-notch teams and innovative technologies, to provide them with our all-round digital solutions, from consultation, technology and application, to training. I look forward to working with our partners and Hong Kong and Macau teams to further develop the business and bring maximized value to our customers under the challenging digital economic environment we are facing.”