• Overview of Security Solutions

    In order to continue delivering industry-leading products and solutions, H3C security invests more than 15% of sales in R & D every year. After years of sustained investment, H3C has developed a proprietary high-performance processing chip and a dedicated core business operating system software and owns more than 200 network security related patents. At the same time, H3C has joined hands with Microsoft, Kaspersky, CVE, Commtouch, ICSA and other renowned international security organizations and manufacturers to ensure the consistent protection of various security products.

    Currently, H3C produces security products across 3 different aspects: network security, application security and security management, including firewall, VPN, UTM, IPS, ACG, load balancing, security management center, and more than a hundred items with model covers FE, GB, 10GB and over, with a 2 to 7 layers of full-service security capabilities to meet the future of cloud computing, IPv6, Web2.0 and other new business, meeting the current demand.

    H3C Full Series IP Security Products Portfolios

    H3C SecPath M9000 Series

    H3C SecPath Next Generation Firewall Series

    H3C SecPath F100-C-EI

    H3C SecPath F100-A

    H3C SecPath F1000-S

    H3C SecPath F1000-A

    H3C SecPath F1000-E

    H3C SecPath V100-E

    H3C SecBlade FW

    H3C SecBlade IPS

    H3C SecBlade NetStream

    H3C SecBlade LB

    H3C SecBlade SSL VPN

    H3C SecPath U200-S

    H3C SecPath U200-M

    H3C SecPath U200-A

    H3C SecPath U200-CS

    H3C SecPath U200-CM

    H3C SecCenter Firewall

    H3C SecCenter iTAS

    H3C SecCenter IPS

    H3C SecCenter UTM